Message from SHINee ♥


First of all thank you so so much.. ^^
It’s the first time we won #1 with a repackaged album!
Even in the day, the fansign was held happily.. indeed..
Thank you for making so much effort.
Always have fun aja aja ~~^^?

[From. Jong Hyun]
Thank you. To everyone who listens to our music, and the precious staff who are always with us! Because we all made it happen ^^
And SHINee World whom we are always thankful to~ ^^ Have fun staying with me for life h
Thank you.

[From. Key]
Wah!!! Mutizen!! Yay~~ Thank you sincerely…
I was like, I don’t really know, and we got it?!
ㅠㅠTouched touched.. Too happy~
With the help of many people… We will become a SHINee who shows you our progress!
Thank you berry Kamsa Saranghaeyeom~♥

[From. Min Ho]
Thank you so much! The mutizen song that was fulfilled due to the efforts of many people…
And I will never forget the cheers and love from all the fans,
and to become SHINee’s Minho that always works hard.
SHINee World I love you! ^^

[From. Tae Min]
Always very thankful, Thank you for giving lots of love to Hello after Lucifer.
As we will put in effort to become a more shining SHINee in future,
Even though it’s a lot now, please give us more~~ love hh
Thank you!!

English Translation Credits: lala_land @ soomp


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