New Fashion Trend?

This is kind of late, but I just realised this. I think my fav OTP is in love with hats. Maybe?

Look here ;

of course, this pic is only one of the many Victoria-wearing hats that I have a collection of and..

I’m gonna buy this hat 🙂

Seriously, no kidding. I have this hat, a black one, just like what the both of them wore. BTW, Onew also wore the same hat in SK, when f(x) was there. All three of f(x), Sulli, Victoria and Luna. Too bad that time Vic wasn’t wearing her fav hat~

I forgot to screen cap that time..

See this clip ;

This time, he was wearing it. There’s another time, when he was wearing a pink-black leopard shirt. Remember that moment where Sulli bumped into Taemin? Yeah, that time


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