Rookie 6 member boy group TEEN TOP debuted back in July with their Debut EP, “Come Into The World.” They’ve had a successful run of promotions and now they’re announcing their comeback.

Earlier today, a news bulletin was posted by TOP Media on TEEN TOP’s official website:

안녕하세요. 티오피미디어 입니다.

많은 팬 여러분들께서 문의해주시고 궁금해주셨던 틴탑의 컴백 일정입니다.

틴탑은 오는 2011년 1월 초 두 번째 싱글앨범으로 팬 여러분들을 찾아 뵐 예정입니다.

멋진 모습으로 팬 여러분들을 찾아 뵙기 위해 열심히 연습하고 있는 틴탑 멤버들에게 많은 응원 바랍니다.


Hello, this is TOP Media.

Since many of you fans are curious and have been asking about this, we’re releasing news about TEEN TOP’s comeback.

TEEN TOP will be revealing their second single album for fans in January of 2011.

TEEN TOP has been working very hard in order to greet all the fans once again with an awesome image, and we hope for a lot of support from fans for the TEEN TOP members.

Thank you.

Pretty exciting news, let’s see what they have in store for us for round two.

Source + Photo: TEEN TOP’s official website



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