[Intro] My Best Enemies

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Title : My Best Enemies

Cast : Shinee  f(x)

Author : Nacha& Nanonadia /Shinstarkey

Length : Chaptered

Genre : Romantic, Friendship

Language : English

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2 Popular groups named themselves as SHINee and f(x) have become enemies since Middle school days. They never get along and always compete in anything, until oneday some members of each group had a big problem which kind of messed his/her life, and the one who can help them is none other than his/her enemies. will they end the hatred between them?

Character :

Onew (3rd grade)

–         Leader of SHINee

–         Smartypants

–         Competes with Victoria in Lesson but always end up being on 2nd place

–         The oldest among SHINee but so childish

–         Like to do some weird things and always made fun of Victoria

Victoria (3rd grade)

–         Leader of f(x)

–         Smartypants

–         Being the 1st place in school for 3 years

–         Hate onew the most for always being nosy and ignorant

–         Take care of her member well, like umma

Jonghyun (2nd grade)

–         Talented in singing and Acting.

–         one of candidates in election of chairman intheater class.

–         Compete with Luna

–         Being fooled by his girlfriend

Luna (1st grade)

–         also talented in singing and acting

–         one of the candidates in election of chairman in theater class

–         Hate Jonghyun because he’s the one who always grabbed more attention from all theater class members which most of them are girls.

Key (2nd Grade)

–         mama boy

–         fashionista

–         Addicted in Pink!

–         umma in SHINee, take care a lot and nagging A LOT

–         Think Amber is the weirdest person because of her Appearance

Amber (2nd grade)

–         the Tomboy from f(x)

–         she hates wearing skirt and all girly stuff

–         black belt in Taekwondo

–         think Key is actually a women who trapped in male body

Minho(2nd grade)

–         Leader of School Basketball team

–         Good in all sports

–         He’s cool, silence and hard to get

–         Hate for being lost

–         He used to be friend with Krystal in Elementary school until she beat him in a match, he began to hate her

Krystal (1st grade)

–         Lead Female basketball team eventhough she still a Junior

–         Good in all sports

–         Cheerful and easy going

–         Minho’s neighbour

–         Think Minho is freak, because of sudden change for stupid reason

Taemin (1st grade)

–         SHINee magnae

–         He never treat f(x) as his enemies. he just act in front of his hyung

–         Have a crush on Sulli since elementary school

Sulli (1st grade)

–         Magnae of f(x) *I made her magnae here ^^*

–         Cute and friendly

–         Also have a crush on Taemin


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