My Best Enemies – Chapter 3

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Title : My Best Enemies

Chapter : 3

Cast : Shinee f(x)

Author : Nacha& Nanonadia /Shinstarkey

Length : Chaptered

Genre : Romantic, Friendship

Language : English

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Taemin Pov

“Taemin.. over here” I cheered up as I found the girl that just called my name waved at me. she’s sitting on a mat under the tree and hold some lunch box. I walked towards her and gave my best smile.

“Hi Sulli…” I said as I sat beside her. “wow.. are we going to have picnic?”

“hahaha kind of..” she opened the lunchbox and I can see so many delicious food in it.

“wow.. you made this?”

“No.. it’s my mom. It’ll look messed If  I made it myself..”

“hahaha, that’s okay. “

“here.. you haven’t eat your breakfast right?” she handed me a sandwich.

“uhmm how do you know?” I received it

“I know.. you never eat your breakfast and took mine instead when we were still in Elementary school” she said take a bite on her sandwich

“mm, you still remember, huh?”

“of course.. are you forgot that already?“ she pouted cutely. Aigoo I can’t help but giggled.

Yeah, we often met like this. Secretly of course. We usually have lunch together behind the school building. To be honest I’ve liked sulli since Elementary school. We’re not official yet, but I’ll confess to her soon. I really want to have her as my girlfriend. But the problem is, I have to make sure that my hyungs didn’t know about this. Sulli is member of f(x) whom my hyung hate so much. I never treat f(x) as my enemies, I just act in front of my hyungs so they would accept me as SHINee member. I’m sure they’ll be super mad if they know I liked sulli. What should I do then?

“Taemin..” her voice woke me up from my thought.

“emm?” I turned my head to face her

“what are you thinking about”

“nothing important.. by the way, your unnie didn’t know we’re here right?“

“of course not. I told them I’ll go met Tiffany unnie, hehe” I nodded my head. Tiffany noona is her cousin, same class as onew hyung.

“How about you?”

“I didn’t told my hyung. I rushed to get here without see them first “

“ooh.. “ she nodded understand

“We lied to them almost everyday. Eottohkae?”

“I’m thinking about that to. I don’t know what I’m gonna say for tommorow, and so on. I feel sorry for them..” I agreed.

Then it become silence. Looks like we’re busy with our own thought. she lay down on the mat, looking at the sky. I followed her move and look at the sky aswell.

“ Taemin-ah,..sometimes. I wonder why our members hate each other like this. My unnies are nicest person I’ve ever met, same goes to your hyung. Why they can’t get along even just to be friends? “ she sighed. her face looks a bit sad

“yeah, me too.. I just didn’t understand what their thought”

“I just hope they’ll realized someday..I’m tired being like this”

“don’t worry Sulli-ah. I bet they will.. soon.” I said to cheered her up.

“mm I hope so. I don’t want to lying anymore if I want to meet you”

“yeah, I kinda run out ideas now.. hahaha. But you still want to met me, right?”

“Of Course.. I always wanted to met my Best Friend. hehe” she tapped my shoulder and smiled. oh yeah, she just see me as her best friend. did i expect too much from her?

“ehm Sull… are you free on Saturday?….” I asked.

“I think so. Why?”

“will you go somewhere with me? I want to bring you to my favorite place”

“really? I’d love to..but where?” she looked at me excited.

“It’s Surprise. I’m sure you’ll like it”
”mm… alright. I believe you”

“I’ll pick you up 10 a.m”

“okay okay…wooo I’m excited. hahaha”

“Hahaha Kiyoptaa “ I pinch her cheek and she just smiling nonstop. Assa! Finally we have a date . I’m planning to confess my love there. I don’t care if she would accept my love or not. I just want to tell her the truth. I totally can’t wait for that day to come.

“Ssul, I think we have to go back. I’m sure my hyung are looking for me now” I said while stand up from my position

“you go ahead, I’ll clean up this first..”

“I’ll help you then”

“no, it’s okay.. we have to go separate or they’ll noticed we’re meeting just now”

“ I guess you right.. okay, see you on Saturday Sulli..”

“mmm…bye Taemin” I waved at her and go back to school building. I reached my pocket, and took out my cell phone. There’s one message, I opened it and it was from Minho hyung.

From : Minho hyung

Ya! Lee taemin, where are you? I went to your class but you’re not there. We’re in Cafetaria now

I press the reply button

To: Minho hyung

I’m on my way there hyung, just wait

I press send then ran towards the cafetaria. when I get there, I’m looking for their seat and then Minho hyung waved at me. I walked to them and sat beside Onew hyung.

“Hi Hyung…” I greeted them

“ Ya Where’ve you been?” onew hyung glared at me

“I’m meeting Sulli..”

“WHAT?? Sulli? “ Jonghyun hyung shouted. Oops! I let slip

“Noo.. you heard it wrong Hyung. I met Suzy… Suzy”  I panicked.

“Ohh.. so it’s Suzy.. “ pheeww… I relived he didn’t put any suspect at me.

“so, what’re you guys doing on Saturday? I wonder if you guys could come to my house. I have a new video games.” Minho hyung said.

“Hyung.. I can’t “

“why?” all of them looked at me

“uh, mm, I promised my mom to accompany her to Busan, yeah Busan..” I said nervously.

Mianhae hyung, I have to lied again this time.

“That’s okay Taemin-ah. Maybe next time”

“Okay hyung”


The break is over. We rose from our seat and head ack to our classroom and continued our Lesson until it’s time to go home.

Sulli Pov

Taemin said goodbye to me and leave. Oh my God, he just asked me out? Is that real? Whaaa I can’t beleve I finally have a date with him. I’m excited and Can’t wait for Saturday. Should I buy a new clothes? Or and shoes? Accessories? Yes yes, I have to. I’m going to the mall after this, maybe I can asked Krystal to go with me, hihi.

I smiled nonstop while cleaned up my lunchbox. I fold the mat that I borrowed and returned it to the school caretaker. I headed back to the class and I saw Krystal passing by.

“Krystaaaaalllllll~” I jogged towards her happily. She looked at me confused

“why are you so happy?” she asked

“mmm… nothing, It’s a nice weather. Hahaha”

“ya, what happened with you? Look, it’s cloudy…” she turned my head to see the sky. Haha it’s really cloudy. The one that felt nice is just my heart

“mm, well it used to.” I smiled.

“go back to your class, break time is almost done. ” krystal said

“wait, can you come with me after school? I want to but a new dress..”

“ ahh.. I have a practi-“

“pleeeaaassseeeeee….. I’ll buy you ice cream” I said with my puppy eyes

“Alright alright, stop it. you know your puppy eyes always works on me.”

“YAY! I love you Krystal~ chu” I give a peck on her cheek

“eeeewwww…. I want a boy to kissed me. Not you. “ she wiped her cheek

“hehehe…it’s okay, someday a boy will replace my kiss with his. See you after school krystal…” I waved at her and ran towards my class.

(After school)

I went to a mall near our school. I really want to but a nice clothes. It’s my first date anyway, I have to make sure it was impressive.

we toured on every floor to find the things that I’m looking for. I found a shop that sells bubble dress.i went in and tried some dress in fitting room. Omo.. the clothes are so cute. They fit in me perfectly. I’m really confuse which one I should choose? I decide to asked krystal

“Krystal.. which one is prettier?” I asked as I showed her two bubble dress. One is soft pink with some lace at the edges. And the other is blue sky with polkadot motive.

“I like this one better.. “ she pointed at the pink one

“okay I’ll buy this” I said and headed to the cashier and pay.

“Sull, are you going to a party?” krystal said while we walked out of the store. Ahh finally she asked it. What should I say??

“No.. I-I have a family gathering. Yeah.. it’s on Saturday. My mom told me to buy a new dress since my old dress is not fit at me anymore”

“Aaahh I see…” she nodded understand.

“Let’s buy ice cream then” I pulled her hand and keep my promise to buy her ice cream.


I woke up early this morning. Actually I’m not used to get up this early, but I’m so excited for today. I have to prepared myself for my first date with Taemin. yay..

I rushed to my bathroom and take a bath. After that I dressed up with my new clothes that I buy yesterday and put some make up and parfume. I make sure everything is perfect.

I looked at my clock at its already 9.30AM. I ran down stairs and saw my mom and dad having breakfast together.

“Morning Umma.. Appa..” I said and kissed their cheek.

“Morning sweety…” I sat beside my mom and took some bread

“aww.. you’re so pretty. The dress fits you well” my mom said.

“hehe thank you mom..”

“Sulli,   Do not come home too late. Arraseo!”

“ okay Appa, promised “ I raised my pinky and smiled

few moments later. Someone knocked the door.

“I’ll get it~ “ I said while running to the door. I opened it and it was Taemin.

“Hi…are you ready?” omo! He’s so handsome altho he just wearing jeans, a t-shirt an a beannie.

“wait, I’ll take my bag first..” I ran inside and take my bag in dining room

“Umma, Appa.. I’m going” I waved at them

“Bye Sweety…have fun”

I walked outside and closed the door. I saw Taemin is standing beside his car.

“you ride a car..?”

“yeah I think we can get there fast with a car” I stared at him worriedly. And looks like he can read my mind just now

“don’t worry…. I have license” he smiled an opened the door for me.

“thank you..” I go in and put on my seat belt. He sat on the driver seat and start the engine. He turned to face me..

“Ready princess?”

“I’m ready….” As the car began to move and bring us to our destination.

1 hour later, finally we get there. And I realized it was my school. My elementary school. The place where we first met.

“wahhh… it changed a lot. I missed this place so much” I walked to the enterance and peek at the door which is closed.

“I know you missed it” taemin followed beside me. “Let’s go to our garden”

He pulled my hand and take me to the place he meant. There’s a small garden behind the school building. Not many student know about it. We named it Taeli garden. We have so many memories there. I missed when we were played and ate together during the break, I missed when we skipped the class and stayed there instead until our teacher found us and we have to cleaned up the toilet in the end. I missed when i cried in his embrace because i forgot to bring my homework. I missed that.. I missed all my memories about him and me in this place.

“Sulli-ah, come here..” he already sat on a bench and he tapped the space beside him and told me to sit there. I walked towards there and sat beside him.

“waahh… I never expect you’ll bring me here..”

He smiled..”I told you it’s surprise. You like it don’t you?”

“I Love it.. I love to be here again, especially with you..” I blushed. Aaa.. I’m too obvious huh?

“hehehe,,, me too” he messed my hair

Then he looked at my eyes. He took my hand and hold it tight.

“Ssul, there’s something I want to tell you..” he looked so serious

“what? Just tell me…I’m listening”

“I-I… I liked you sulli. Will you be my girlfriend?” he said it in speed and almost shouted. I widened my eyes. I can’t believe he just confessed to me.. am I dreaming? He really confessed to me right?

“Sull….” He keep holding my hand even tighter

“……” i froze. I don’t know what to say. I still can’t believe what just happened.

“sull, say something..” he shook my body

“Taemin.. I don’t know..”

then he smiled “it’s alright if you didn’t accept me as your boyf-“ I cut his sentence by touching his lips with mine. He shocked for a while but then he closed his eyes, put his hand around my waist and kissed me back.

“Ssul….” He stared at me after we pulled apart

“don’t made a conclution yourself.  I didn’t say that I don’t accept you as my boyfriend. I just don’t know.. what if our member found out we’re together”

“we can hide our relationship…”

“I know, but sooner or later they’ll know the truth”

“It’s okay, we’ll think about that slowly. Now we just have to make sure they didn’t know about this” he put his hand around my shoulder as I leaned my head on his.

“ so?” he asked my answer

“mmm…yes, of course I will.” He smiled and hugged me tight.

“yay! i have a girlfriend. hahaha. I love you ssul…”

“I love you too Taem..”

We’re official now. I’m sorry unnies, this is what I want. And I’m happy to be with him.

Taeli for you.. ^^

i’m sorry for long time update

i’m not a fast updater


and there’s an exam coming.

thank you for reading and enjoyed…


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  1. ommooo ff nya keren, hhhahay. si Lemiere pergi karena malaikat yang ‘asli’ sudah hadir untuk menjaga Sulli. wweew..
    so sweet eonni. waktu ngebaca diksinya, hal pertama yang saya pikir adalah, ‘wow, eonni hebat banget’ hehhe.

    keep writting, eonni. salam kenal dan FIGHTING~

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