My Best Enemies – Chapter 2

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Title : My Best Enemies

Chapter : 2

Cast : Shinee f(x)

Author : Nacha& Nanonadia /Shinstarkey

Length : Chaptered

Genre : Romantic, Friendship

Language : English

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She’s beautiful ?

Luna Pov

“SUNYOUNG….!!” I was awakened by the screaming in my ear. I opened my eyes slowly and there I can see my sister Taeyeon standing beside my bed while carrying a scoop. What the hell is that for?. I turned around and closed my eyes again.  few moments later I could feel water splashing on my face

“Unnie, lemme sleep 5 more minutes….” I pulled up my blanket.

“Ya! You’re gonna wake up or not? It’s already 6.35AM, you’ll be late to school” she shook my body.

“What?” I shouted. I looked at my clock and yeah she’s right. I rushed to the bathroom and take a bath. then I dressed up and prepared my things quickly . Oh my God, I should arrive at school at 7. today is the day of performances for candidates of president for theater class. I’ve been practicing as hard as possible to be able to get that position. I must not be late,  or they will not give me that position because I was considered undisciplined.

I ran down stairs and saw my sister was having breakfast with her husband Leeteuk.

“Unnie, Oppa, I’m going” I said while wearing my shoes.

“you do not want to eat your breakfast first?” Taeyeon unnie walked towards and helped me with my things

“No, I’m late…I’ll eat breakfast in school. Bye~”

“Bye Honey~ Good Luck for your performance”

I rushed out the house and ran as fast as I can toward the bus stop. It’s 6.50AM now. Fortunately. my school’s not too far from here. I may still have time.

when I arrived at the bus stop, the bus came and I went up. Ugh, the bus was quite crowded. I even didn’t get a seat. I just hope the bus will moved quickly so I can get to school on time.

(in school)

Thank God finally I’m here. It’s 6.58AM. I ran fast through the school corridors towards the theater hall. Soon I get there, I stopped. my legs were shaking. I tried to control my breath and tidy up my clothes that a bit wrinkled.

I knocked on the door and slowly opened it.

“Luna…” someone greeted me at the door. It’s Sungmin sunbae. The current president for theater class

“Annyeonghaseyo sunbae..” I immediately bowed

“I told you to call me Oppa…”

“Oh, right.. oppa” he smiled

“are you ready for the performance..”

“I’m a bit nervous right now, but it’s okay.. I can handle it”

“Okay then. Come in, performance will begin in a minute.” he said as he invite me to come in. I went into the room and looked for a seat. I relieved not many people coming to see the performances. but then my eyes widened as i see a bunch of girls entered the room. Hmm.. they must come here to see their prince charming. Kim Jonghyun. Yeah, he’s one of the candidate. I know he’s popular. He’s got many fans here. They even bring some banners with ‘I LOVE JONGHYUN’ or ‘BLING-BLING JONGHYUN HWAITING’ and many more written on it. Wow~ is this a concert or something?

I turned around to see him sat beside me. He chuckled himself proudly. Chh.. are you that happy? Then He realized that I’m observing him so I quickly turned my head back.

“Hey.. rival” he smirked at me

I ignored him and just stared at the front.

“are you ready for the war?”

“what war?”

“hahaha, let’s see who will win the position. I bet I will”

“Just see. I’ll put my best into this. I’m not going to lose from you ” I said calmly

“oh yeah? Well..goodluck for that. but you don’t have to forcing yourself too much, because whatever happens I will win” he gave the last smirked turned his head back aish, this guy. Actually, if you asked me.. I didn’t really hate him. I just dislike him. because he is too.. what can I say? Flirty? Yeah something like that. I guess all girls here have fallen in love with him, excluding me of course. and he’s always been my rival in this class. Besides, he’s member of SHINee. Shinee and f(x) will never meant to be together.

Then finally the show begins. The judges coming into the room and fill the judges seat. There are 3 judges there. Sungmin Sunbae as the current president, Ryeowook Sunbae as the vice pres, and Mr Choi as the teacher adviser of theater class. Omg, I’m so nervous right now. I’ve never showing my talent in front of crowds.

“first, let’s see the singing performance first and the first candidate is.. Park Sunyoung”

Oh my, that was my name. what should I do? I began to panicked.

“huhh relax, it’s okay. I’ve been practing so hard. I’m sure I can. Hwaiting!” I said as i tried to calming my self . I stood up and walked to the stage. Checking the microphone and began to sing.

Jonghyun Pov

“and the first candidate is.. Park Sunyoung” I turned my head to see her. She was sweating. I bet she really nervous. She stood up and walked like a robot towards the stage. Haha that’s funny. She was checking the microphone first and then began to sing..

Haru ddo haru na saragadaga
Geudae ireume ddo nunmuri namyeon
Na chameur su eobseo
Ireohge useur su eobseo
Ddo geudae ireum bulleobonda

Gaseume nameum sangcheodo ijen
Geudae ireun ijeuraneunde
Nae ibsureul kkaemulgo chamabwado
Nae saram neo hana ppuningeol

Haru ddo haru na saragadaga
Geudae ireume ddo nunmuri namyeon
Na chameur su eobseo
Ireohge useur su eobseo
Ddo geudae ireum bulleobonda

I was stunned. Okay I admitted, her voice is so awesome. And it was really a great performance. I could see the smile of relief after she successfully singing that song. It was beautiful. Wait, I shouldn’t say that. No no no it’s not beautiful. It’s horrible. I shook my head.

“okay, thank you Luna. You can go back to your seat. And the next is IU”

She bowed and walked back to her seat.

“how’s that?” she asked me so proudly

“nothing special. you have no improvement” I said casually

“well, let’s see yours then” she challenge me

“Just wait and see..” I smirked as I saw that IU chingu is finished with her performance.

“next is Kim Jonghyun..” I stood and headed to the stage. I checked the microphone and cleared my throat. I can hear the girls shouting my name right now. it makes me more excited. Then I began to sing.

Hyeya, eojji tteonaryeoneun geoya
Utneun geu nuneuro annyeongiran janinhan mareun nareur jugigo sumi meomchwo
Haengbokhage haejudeon geu mellodiga
Ajig neomu chanranhada
Jebal beorijima beorijima
Salgo sipji anha eojjihana neo eoptneun nal eojjihana
Aye moreun chae sar geoseur ireohge michidorog seulpeur juriya

Hyeya, eojji tteonaryeoneun geoya
Annyeongiran geureon janinhan mallo tteonabeorineun neoreur wonmanghagetji
Oh, jebal… gaji mara hyeya

I finished singing. I’m quite satisfied. The judges told me that I sang it well. I headed back to my sit and throw my sly smile towards her.

“How’s that?” I asked the same question

“you’re good “ she answered flatly


“yeah, but not as good as me” she said with her mocking smile.

“and the next is…….”

(Skip the other candidates XP)

After a few hours, finally all the candidates finished perform their singing skill.

“Attention guys..” Ryeowook Sunbae speaking with microphone.

“the singing performance is over. The show will continue with acting performance after the break. You still have much time to practicing so prepared it well. You can use our theater class to practice if you want. Okay, see you next few hours”

everyone started to leave the room one by one. I rose from my seat and walked out the room. luna already gone ahead. I decided to met my shinee members first in cafetaria.

“Jonghyun over here” onew hyung waved. I headed to their place and sat beside Minho.

“Hey guys..” I greet them.

“How was the election?” Kibum asked

“it’s not finished yet. I still have to show my acting skill after the break” I said as I took a sip of Kibum drinks.

“oww.. goodluck then”

“arraseo.. oh, where’s taemin?” I realized that taemin is not here

“he said he’s going to meet someone” Minho told.


“I don’t know.. why do I care?” Minho shrugged

“Maybe he wants to met Suzy..” onew hyung guess.

“aahh.. I see” I took a sip once again and rose from my seat “I have to go”

“why so fast?” Kibum took my hand

“ I have to practised. I’ll be in theater room. Just go there if you want to see me “

“Okay…bye” I waved and left. I decided to practice in theater class, since ryeowook sunbae told that we can use it. Beside there is no other room that can be used.

When I get there I immediately opened the door with a loud.

“Omo! You surprised me. Can’t you opened It slowly? You might break it” someone shout from the inside. It’s a girl voice. I popped my head to see Luna stood there with one hand in her hest

“ ah it’s you again.. what are you doing?” I said as I went in.

“I’m the one who should said that. What are you doing here? I’m practicing here first”

“ I want to practice here too”

“whatever..” she rolled her eyes and moved to other side as I took out the script and began to practicing.

Few minutes later, someone knocking the door.

“come in..” I said as the door opened.

“Honeeyyyyyyyyy~” It was Sekyung, my girlfriend. She walked towards me and immediately hugged me

“hi…” I hugged her back

“I miss you…” she put her arm around my neck.

“me too babe..” she giggled

“Ehmm Excuse me. Could you please doing that outside?!” oh, I forgot luna was here.

Luna Pov

Oh my gosh, that bitch is coming and ruined my concentration. They’re doing lovey dovey in front of me..! eeewwww….i think I’m going to puke.

“Ehmm Excuse me. Could you please doing that outside?!” he turned to see me

“why? Jealous huh?” he chuckled

“ewww never! you just ruined my concentration. Beside..” I turned to that bitch “ are you blind or something miss, there is an inscription in front door written ‘only members’ are you a member here?”

“Honey~ she shoo me away” that spoiled-brat said

“Don’t mind her honey, she’s just jealous because she’s Loveless”

“Loveless is better than dating a BITCH”

“Honey…. She called me bitch” she whines



“Don’t ever called her like that” he said angily

“Look, my boyfriend is defending me” she stick out her tongue, mocking at me.

“Oh really? Which boyfriend? The one who went to the club with you last night? Or the one with mustache who picked you up last week? Oh, maybe the one who kissed you in the park? Or the one who stood in front of me right now?”

I can see her face change, she began to panicked. Yes, I know all. I know she’s cheating behind him, but this guy is too clueless to realize.

“Luna.. what do you mean?” Jonghyun glared at me, thirsty of explaination.

“just asked your bitch” I said as I leave them. “and please solve your problem outside. I’m going to report the committee if you guys keep disturbing my practice”

“No, honey.. she’s lying”

“Let’s get out of here.. you owe me explaination” he pulled sekyung

out of the room

“Chh.. you’re too foolish Kim Jonghyun” I mumbled as I continue practicing.

Chapter 2 for Jongna..

I know it’s boring

I’m sorrrrryyyyyyyyy~

and it’s kinda mess

don’t mind my english please… hahaha

well, Enjoyyy

Thank you so much for my readers



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  1. Nah lho…..ini knp cm smpe sini….lanjutannya dmn??
    Ini sbnernya jongna sama sama saling tertarik,tp mreka sm sm blom menyadari(ato sm sm gengsi bwt mengakui?)
    ah…dsni pair nya keren…leader dpt leader(taeteuk)..mainvoc dpt mainvoc….(jongna)…ckckck
    like this!:)

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