My Best Enemies – Chapter 4

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Title : My Best Enemies

Chapter : 4

Cast : Shinee f(x)

Author : Nacha& Nanonadia /Shinstarkey

Length : Chaptered

Genre : Romantic, Friendship

Language : English

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Taekwondo club

Amber Pov

It’s Tuesday morning. I always love Tuesday because it was time for me to practice Taekwondo. Well, after school of course. It was the only thing that could make me relaxed after all busy days in school.

I went straight to my class happily. Everyone stared at me in an oddly look. What? Am I alien or something?. I just ignored them and continue walking before someone tapped my shoulder. I turned my head and saw Mrs.Choi, my homeroom teacher.

“A-annyeong haseyo Seonsaengnim..” I quickly bowed.

“Amber Josephine Liu, how many times I told you to wear you skirt properly?” she stared at me while put her hands on her waist. I looked down. What she means is the PE pants that I wear under my skirt. Well, I know I surely look so weird, but this is more comfortable than only wearing skirt that exposed your thigh.

“Uh.. it’s a… it’s just uncomfortable Seonsaengnim, the skirt is too short” I faked a smile.

“I know, but still.. it’s uniform. You have to wear uniform properly at school you know. Now, remove you pants!”


“I said now!” ugh, I’m dead.

“Seonsaengnim, I supposed to do it in restroom… “ I lowered my voice. What the hell she told me to remove my pants HERE! in front of the students?

“Oh, right.. but I’ll make sure you remove it before I let you go”

“Ne~ “ I sighed. I walked to the restroom and she followed me. It’s not the first time I get caught by her. Actually another teachers don’t really care about it so I always wear a pants. But this teacher is…. aishh! she didn’t even understand how important the comfortable is when we studied.

I entered the restroom and remove my pants. Mrs choi is waiting outside. I know this would happened someday so I prepared a stocking in my bag, well.. victoria unnie told me to. At least it’s better than not wearing anything. As I finished put it, I go off and saw Mrs Choi smiling at me.

“Good, Amber. Don’t ever wear those pants again or else I’ll cut your skirt shorten, arraseo!” she warned me

“Ne, Seonsaengnim…” I nodded dutifully.

“Ok, you can go to your class now” she said and leave me. I’m about to go back when suddenly I heard someone clapped hands. I turned and see Key walked towards me.

“Wowowow, look.. a guy wearing skirt..with stocking hahahaa” he laughed so hard made all student paid attention on me and started laughing as well.

“Shut up, Bitch!” I glared at him

“oh my God, that guy turned into a mad Dino right now. So scareeddd~ ” he said with his bitchy style.

I keep silent. Just ignore him Amber. He’s nothing but a bitch.

“omo! Your face turned red. What?You want to punch me? C’mon punch me if you dare “ Ugh, I can’t stand this. my fist clenched, ready to punch him but then I saw Mrs Choi passing by. I relaxed back my hands and walked away. I don’t want to make a second trouble for today, it’ll ruin my reputation in front of the teachers.

I walked faster as he kept following me and talking nonsense until I reached my class.

I went straight to my seat  and took out my ipod. I plugged the earphone and decide to sleep before the class begin. Sh*t, I’m supposed to be happy for today. But…. ugghhh.. cool down Amber, wait till the school ends and you can go to Taekwondo club to relieved your stress. Just forget about that bitch.

(break time)

I’m too lazy to go to the canteen. I burried my face on the table and try to sleep before someone patted my head


“Uhm.. Vic unnie…”

“you’re not going to eat?” she asked

“I’m not hungry…” I said, laening my head on the table “where’re the others?”

“Luna is still busy with the Election, Krystal is practice with her team, and Sulli, she said she want to meet Tiffany..”

“Oh…” I nodded lazily

‘what happened with your pants? You get caught again?”

“yeah, unfortunately I met Mrs Choi this morning. Thanks to you who told me to bring this in my bag” I rubbed my thigh and she chuckled.

“ah, I have to go.. I remember the Principal called me just now… bye Amby. You should eat something or else you’ll get sick.” She caressed my hair gently

“arraseo.. bye unnie….” I waved to her and continue to sleep


Key Pov

Thank God it’s break time. The class is so boring and the teacher was like teaching herself, didn’t evencare aboutnoisystudents. I cleaned up my books and went outside the class. I slightly took a glance at my right. Ohh, she’s sleeping again. I chuckled.

I’m about to reach the canteen when my phone rang, I quickly picked it up without seeing the caller’s name


“Kibum.. I’m outside your school. Come here now” I’m a bit surprised knowing who’s calling me now.

“MOM ! what are you doing here…?”

“I told you later, now come here. I’m waiting in the car..”

“Okay wait a min”

I hung up and turned around, walked outside where my mom told me to. I wonder why she’s here. Maybe she just bring my lunch since I left it this morning. Or, she want me to accompany her shopping after school. Hehe.. yeah she always do that. I know, I’m old enough to do such a stuff with my mom , it’s not a common thing. Beside I’m a boy. 17 years old boy still hang out with his mom, is definitely me. I don’t thing the others boy would do that. but I like it that way.. it’s not my fault tho.

I reached the parking lot and serching for my mom’s car. Once I get it, I went straight to the car and knocked the window. She looked at me and unlock the door as I get in.

“Oh, you’re here..” she smiled

“uhm yeah… now tell me why you’re here?”

“Relax… eat this first, you haven’t eat your brakfast” she handed me a lunchbox. I took it and began to fill my stomach.

“ Kibum, you know I have a friend that own a Teakwodo club..”

“Hmm…” I nodded without looking at her

“I told him that you’ll join-“ I choked my food even she haven’t finished her sentence.


“ya… eat it slowly..” she patted my back

“ Mom, what are you saying just now? I’ll Joint the Taekwondo club? Are you sure? Are you out of your mind? Me, join the Taekwondo club? awww “ she hitted my head.

“where’s your respect young boy”

“I’m sorry” I said while rubbing my head.

“And yeah, I want you to join that club like you just said”

“But Mom, I can’t…”

“Why not? I think it’s cool to learn”

“but why so sudden?” I looked at her in disbelieve

“uhm well, I just told him about you and he suggest you to learn something like Taekwondo to make you more.. manly.”

“So you mean I’m not manly now?”

“it’s not like that Kibum honey…” she caressed my hair “ I  just want you to learn stuff like that, so you can protect your girl in the future..”

“why I have to? I didn’t have any girlfriend now…”

“I said in the future.. “

“oh well, but still.. I don’t need it. I like myself this way. And mom, you told me like a hundred times that you like to have a son like me just the way I am” I raised my voice.

“I know.. but it’s for your own good dear. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this “

“I’m not sure..”

“whatever, you have to come this evening. I already registered you”

“what? THIS EVENING? Mom, you registered me without telling me first?”

“ stop yelling. I’m not deaf. yes. And you have to obey me this time. No rejecting. This is the address” she gave me a bussiness card. I sighed. This is definitely my mom. If she had a want, nobody can resist. I’m just realized that I resemble her so much.

“that’s all you want to say?” I looked at her, still in shock.

‘well, yes. You can go back now if you want…”

“Mom, seriously i- “

“Kibum please. I just want you to be a better person. At least try for one month, if you think you can’t stand it, I’ll never force you anymore.. okay honey..” she smiled gently.

“o-okay…” I throw a smiled back, halfheartedly.

“you want me to pick you up after school and go there together?”

“no, I can go by myself… bye mom”

“bye honey… study hard. I love you…” she kissed my cheek

“I love you too” I get off from the car and headed back to my class. I don’t have mood to go to canteen anymore, altho my hyungs are told me to met them.

As soon I get there, the class is quiet. Only Amber’s there, still not move from her position. She sleep soundly. Usually I’ll do something to disturb her. But now, I dunno what to do. Still shock for what my mom told me to do just now. So I just went straight to my seat, buried my face on the desk and sleep aswell.

Amber Pov

School time is over. It’s time to me to practice Taekwondo. Yay!! I rushed out the school since my instructor told me to come early. I ran through the school corridors until I bumped with someone.

“Amber Unnie..are you alright?” I looked up and saw Luna in front of me

“Oh Luna..i’m okay ” I smiled, and stood up.

“why are you so hurry?”

“I’m going to practice taekwondo..”

“oh..” she said simply

“Hey, how’s you perfomance? I’m sorry I can’t be there cause I have a class”

“It’s okay. I did my best and I’m satisfied with it. “

“it’s good then. Good luck to you..” I patted her head gently

“thank you unnie..”

“I have to go now.. tell Vic unnie I’ll go to her house tonight okay. You should come to if you can”

“Ya sure. Bye unnie.. enjoy you practice…” she waved at me and walked away. I ran again to the bus station and wait for the bus to come.

Finally I get there, I went to the rest room and quickly change my clothes. My instructor just texted me to met him in his office, so after I finished changing, I went straight to his office.


“come in..” I opened the door as soon I heard the signal

“Seonsaengnim…” I popped my head in

“Oh Amber.. you’re here..” I came in and sit in front of him

“why you want me to come early?”

“Amber, you know today we got some new members..”


“I can’t teach for today because I have some matters to do. I want you to replace me and welcomed our new members..”

“M-Me? “ I widened my eyes. “ b-but what should I teach them? I can’t.. I’m still learning”

“I know you can Amber. You’re my best student. You can teach them anyhing, starting with basic. Just for today. I already cancel the practice with our old members so you just have to welcomed our new members, told them about the rules and basic of Taekwondo. Easy right?”

“well, yeah…” I rolled my eyes, thinking what will happened after this.

“okay thank you Amber, here’s the list of them..i have to go now” he stood up and take his bag. I stood up aswell and bowed the he leave.

I went outside and wait for the new members. I decide to use the outdoor court since it was really hot inside. Soon, they came one by one. I told them to sit in the court and waited for the rest. After I find all of them was there, I began to talk.

“Good Evening everyone..”

“Good evening….” They all shouted

“Since the Instructor can’t make it today, he told me to replace him. My name is Amber, I’m instructor Assistant. You can call me Sunbae or just Amber. I don’t mind. I’ll tell you about the rules later, now I want to know each of you so we can get closer..” I took the list from my bag and called them one by one.

“Kang Daesung”


“Kwon Yuri”


Park Gyuri”


“Song Seunghyun”


“Kim Kibum”


“Kim Kibum?” I looked around. No one raise their hand. Oh, he’s not here yet. I’m about to continue when someone shouted.

“WAIT!” he ran over here and stopped in front of me. I slightly see his face bacause He bend down and control his breath.

“I’m Kim Kibum” he said out of breath. I’m quite surprise when I heard his voice. It’s so familiar. The when he stood up, I just realize he was KEY. that Bitch

“YOU- “ we said in the same time and pointing each other

“What are you doing here?” he said.

“I’m the one who should asked that! “ I said angrily

“I’m new member here”

“I’m your Sunbae then “ I said proudly

“What?” he widened his eyes in surprise.

“Ya, change your clothes first. Since you came here late, I have to give you punishment”

“where’s the instructor? ”

“he’s not here, and he told me to replace him. So now you have to obey whatever I told you to. Go change now, and met me here in five minutes!!” I can see he looked so angry and confused at the same time. But then he walked inside and changed.

I smiled slightly. This is good Amber. He’s your hoobae and today he would do anything you said. You can take revenge on him then. Hahahaha

I looked at the list and began to called another name.

Hello… finally my exam is over

i think i can continue this fic now

sorry for long long time update ^^

thank you for all of you who patiently waiting and read this

don’t expect to much since it’s my first time writing

hihi and sorry for my sucks english

Only ontoria left then..

just wait! and i’ll continue the rest also



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