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dapat arahan dari Page Minstal untuk men-share ini di WordPress Shinee f(x).. oke.. sebagai Minstal Shipper juga gue harus Share dong xD




1.SM FACT –> They allowed dating their artist with same agency BUT will protect or BLOCKING that couple from public

LEE SO MAN  (Chairman SM Entertainment) said “Alright, go ahead and date within the company. It’s more comfortable for us too… That way if a scandal breaks loose, we can easily block it.”


READ THIS SM FACT  by Alkpop Link  here http://www.allkpop.com/2011/02/lee-soo-man-advised-super-juniors-heechul-to-date-within-the-company



2.Minho have a HIGH STANDARD to say/called someone or celebrity ‘Pretty’ — #Minho Fact (cr: twitter)


3. (related to no.2)

Minho Thanks To Krystal on LUCIFER Album. He said ‘Pretty Soojung who the best at sport as I am’


READ IT HERE –> http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=172938376093521&set=a.168973296490029.55930.151438564910169&type=1


4. Minho me2day update at the day when f(x) comeback album. He congratulate with pinocchio Nose Pose.


He said –> My only pretty and good juniors~! f(x)! Congratulations on your first full album ^^ I’m even hearing good things about it~ Pinocchio! I wish you lots of Hwaiting! Everybody~~~ you can’t lie, right? I’m a pinocchio too~!


English translation and Picture Link –> http://koreanupdates.com/2011/04/20/shinees-minho-minho-congratulates-fx-through-me2day/


*He rarely update me2day among the other member of shinee, but that day he updating just to say congratuation to his ONLY PRETTY and GOOD HOOBAE


5. Minho appeared on Kiss and Cry recording episode 1.

Based on news he came as cheering team for  TVXQ Yunho. It’s kinda something fishy while NO one member of SHINee as contestant, and that time is a Busy schedule for SHINee Japan Debut but he still came for recording.

As we expected berore, his face not appeared on camera when krystal perform, and no Backstage photos from SM family ( with yunho krystal and sulli, amber, changmin, minho who came also as cheerteam).

Link –> http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.174888275898531.60956.151438564910169


6. Someone ask to Minho “what if your girlfriend begins to show a sense of love towards your friends, such as frequent chat ??”

Minho replied: “I will ask my girlfriend to stop talking to my best friend , because she is mine” http://minstal.webs.com/apps/blog/show/7167052-minho-s-possession


7. (related to no.6)

UNSEEN MOMENT from fancam and photos at Idol swimming and athletics championship.

Minho doing so much skinship to krystal and the biggest hint is ‘when Minho STOLE krystal faraway  from the other boy just to talk with him. They act like a couple who argue something, many skinship he did, including Tap her head (something that ussualy doing by a guy who love/like a girl)

example Link:




8. UNSEEN MOMENT from fancam and photos from SBS King of Idol at Pattaya. Too hard to explained this moment, bcoz theres so many stories behind this.(or you can check at our NOTES ‘King of idol fancam’ on Minstal videos)


9. Many MINSTAL VIDEO on Youtube DELETED by SM.

this is indicated that SM blocking and protect MINSTAL from all media


10. At some interview (ANAN Magazine), he said he like a girl style  who wear long tshirt with leggings or HOTPANTS. as we all know Soojung always wearing Hotpants and that was her favorite outfit.



11. Minho UFO Replay these day that he joking around with ‘younger fans’ and said that AGE IS NOT A PROBLEM AS LONG AS THERES LOVE



this is Minho UFO reply translation (source Baidu.com)

Chinese: 饭:97年怎么样?

珉豪:好小啊….我的年纪也渐渐的ㅜ ——年龄不是问题,有爱就行^^



Fan: How about 97? (she means born in 1997)

Minho: That’s young… My age is starting to T ——Age is not a problem as long as there’s love.

12. Minho said he like white colorhttp://koreanfansclub.tumblr.com/post/6969361346/interview-minho-for-anan-magazine ; And lately we see both minstal wearing white often.


13. He said he like a girl who has same interest with him. (cr: Minho facts @ twitter) And we all know his interest is same with krystal, which is SPORT.


14. He said on his  coming age day he said  ‘for those that are still underage i will wait tooo ^^;;hahaha

the link video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqQHakVBJ9o


15. At Sukira, He choose f(x) as Hoobae that can catches his eyes.theres no need to say the words bcoz you can see it by yourself how his face expression, his smile and his nervous face when Leeteuk suddenly attack him with that question


here the video link http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=URttLDNgSGs


16. From latest moment at collaboration HELLO SHINee feat f(x) based on news Minho paired with amber and krystal with key. BUT when the show comin on the stage, on Minho’s Rap part he turn around looking at krystal, pointed his finger to krystal face, then open his hand to krystal face by locked his eyes onto her.

why he not doing that to his partner amber? Hehehe but to krystal as key partner

Link video –> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezOQHkdAI6U&feature=player_embedded


17. Minho called Krystal as SOOJUNG (krystal real name/korean name) and you know the meaning of that, I mean how close they are.Only Minho a guy who  called her Soojung (krystal real name) among the other boy (in case not her family) and on some Interview she said that she prefer called by SOOJUNG


18. 110712 Minho’s UFO STATUS – 2011.07.12 02:48 (The day He Recording kiss & cry/krystal variety show)


‘Minho Oh today will be a happier day compared to everyone else ^^’


–> wondering what the ‘ happier day compared to everyone else’ reason ♥

http://eimanjjong.tumblr.com/post/7522937715/110712-minhos-ufo ;


19. Krystal intervew at TVN Chanel:



1. Really want to try ACTION genre

2. her ideal type is a guy not that tall AROUND 180cm, have a manly feel and with muscles hahahhahahah

3. I’m not sure when, i like charming Men

(victoria add, and a bit manly)


this is point of krystal interview, and from no.1 until 3 –> Action,tall around 180(which is Minho 181), Manly feel with Muscles, Charming Men o.O it seems match well with SHINee Minho xD



Ps: This is just for FUN for us as their fans hehehe , don’t take it too serious.we don’t know what kind of relationship between minho and krystal. But as their fans we always pray hard for them, hope someday they can be a couple, AMEN.


Based on what  i read on allkpop about B2ST Junhyung KARA Go Hara couple, the artikel said that from now on, as fans we might pay more attention to what idol say, coz maybe theres some of HINT we can find on the future


Minstal fans, any clue/hint about minstal?~


this is original by me, i hope no one copy paste it!

big thanks, yamasiti

2011 July 15th


Source: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=192083190845706


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  1. Minstal Couple Hint | “Breathe” I was suggested this web site by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my difficulty. You are wonderful! Thanks! your article about Minstal Couple Hint | “Breathe”Best Regards Lisa

    WOW => Like Krystal said 😀
    ga peduli sm yg lainnnya , tp MINSTAL 1 selamanya 😀
    agak kesel juga sh sm yg namanya hater ship mereka , pake ngebsh tntg Krystal unni lg..
    tp , yaa biarlah~ toh banyak sekali MINSTAL moment drpd yg lainnnya 😀

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