My Best Enemies – Chapter 1

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Title : My Best Enemies

Chapter : 1

Cast : Shinee f(x)

Author : Nacha& Nanonadia /Shinstarkey

Length : Chaptered

Genre : Romantic, Friendship

Language : English

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The Past

“Ya, what are you doing here?”

Krystal jung who was sitting on the edge of a basketball court turned around to see Minho walked towards her with a basketball in his hand.

“none of your business” She replied briefly.

“Oh, of course it’s my business. This is my Area, and you just interrupt my game” Minho said coldly

“Yah, this place is for public and don’t forget I’m also a Basketball Capten, so I have a right to be here. Besides I’m not interrupted your game!”

“But your face make me sick! I can’t even play. get out now!”

“why should i? Just concen into your game, don’t bother to look at me” Krystal replied casually palying with a lollipop in her hand.

Minho then left without saying anything

“Chh, weird guy…” she muttered.

She glanced at her watch. It’s been 1 hour since the school dismiss. She was waiting for Sulli. they promised to go to the mall after school, but until now she hasn’t shown up.

“Arrgghh, where the hell is she! She didn’t answer my call”

Krystal reached into her bag, look for her cell phone and trying to call Sulli once again. Finally, this time she pick up the phone





“Krystal, Mianhae! I forgot about our promise”

“Aish this girl, you always like this you know” She sighed.

“mianhae mianhae. I would quickly rush to get there now, okay”

“no, it’s okay. I’m tired. We can go tommorow”


“It’s okay Sulli-ah I’m not mad at you”

“Really? I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t accept the offer to go home wih Taem- uh“


“No.. it’s nothing. Nevermind”

“Okay, see you tommorow at school, bye”

“Bye Krystal” She Hang up and put her celphone back on her bag. Then she walked out of school.

Krystal Pov

I walked to the bus stop and wait a bus to come. It’s really a tiring day. I thought I would have fun with Sulli in the mall but, sigh. She didn’t remember our promise. Wait, did she just said that she go home with taem? Who’s taem? Aahhhh…whatever.

Suddenly, someone came and sat beside me. I turned my head and see it was HIM again. Gosh, why I had to see him all day. There’s so many students in my school, but why does he keep appear in my sight?

I stood up and ignore him. I bet he also didn’t care with my presence. And soon the bus came. I went up, and headed to my favorite seat. Then I saw him walked towards here and sit in front of me. the bus finally move and drove us to our home.

Minho Pov

I’m finished playing basketball and packing to go home. I slightly glanced to the side of the court and see that girl was not there.

“she’s going home already…” I muttered.

I said goodbye to my friend and walked to the bus stop near school and there she is, sitting alone in the bench waiting for the bus. Yes, we went to the same destination. we’re neighbours and we used to be friends when we’re in Elementary school. we both really like sports. Until oneday I was humiliated in front of my friends and it’s all because of her…


“Minho..Let’s play basketball” She jogged towards me

“Basketball? Okay.. let’s look for the opponents to play”

“but wait, I’ll be your opponent”


“Yeah, you with your friends and I with my friends” she said

“are you sure?”

She nodded

“But your team is all girls”

“so what?”

I thought hard. Why suddenly she wanted to be my opponents? I mean, we usually played together as one team, and that’s why we always wins. And besides, we just played with boys.. why she even bring those spoiled girls to played with me? Is she Kidding?

“ Minho…” she tapped my shoulder



“Okay.. “ I nodded. She smiled and and he immediately pulled me into the basketball court. There I can see my friends changmin and Yunho. they walked towards me and whispered “ Ya are you sure want to play?”

“why not?” I whispered back

“what if we lose? It’s very embarrassing” Yunho said worriedly

“chillax, we will never lose to them. They can’t play well” I said calmly

“but they have Krystal..” Changmin added

“Why you guys so scared? I know her well. She can’t beat me. Never”

“Well Let’s see…”they nodded and get ready to their position.

I was in the middle with Krystal who holds the ball and prepared to throw it.

“Are you ready..” she smirked

“anytime..” I said as she throw the ball into the air. I catch it and dribbled it to the basketball hoop. I almost scored, but she managed to steal the ball from me and dribbled it away. I ran and tried to snatch it but the she jump and shoot the ball perfectly. And it scored.

My friends look at me with worried face. I ignored them and try to catch the ball again. This time she got the ball an immediately dribbled it to the basketball hoop. I blocked her way so that she can’t shoot the ball. But again, she shoot the ball from there…. And scored. It was three points.

I began to feel afraid, why am I so weak today. I even have not scored a single goal.

We played and played until the referee blew his whistle. The time is over.

I threw myself on the ground and control my breath. We were LOST..

Something that I never expected. And the worst part is We Lost from the GIRLS.

I closed my eyes and regretting what just happened. Laughter was heard all over the school. They were mocking at me.

“OMG, she beat minho”

“Minho looossseeeee…”

“looossseeeeerrrrrrr.. woooooo”

“Krystal jjang, Krystal jjang”

And many more. I sighed. Then I heard she was talking with her friend..

‘Hahaha, I told you.. I can beat him” she laugh proudly.

“ Okay, I believe you now…” her friend said, then he left.

How dare she! I hate being lost and I’m sure she knew about it. why did she used me in front of her friends.

She walked towards me and stretch out her hands to help me stand up. I ignored her and stand up by myself then I glared at her.

“Minho.. what happened?” she asked innocently.

“Leave me alone! I hate you” then I leave her dumbfounded.

Flashback end

Since that time, we never talked. She said sorry to me but I really mad at her so I refused it. I don’t want to see her again, but unfortunately we always went to the same school. Sigh. She always reminds me with that incident. I just wish I could go away from her. Faaaarrrrr awaaayyy, till I’m not able to see her again. Forever.

It’s Minstal

the other couple will come out later

hope you like this

enjoy…. and Thank you for supporting my fics


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  1. oow-
    Minstal dulu yak? #bingungkomenpakeinggris
    ternyata itu toh yg bikin Minho kesel? tapi emg bner, pasti kesel banget masa kalah dari cewek?
    tapi harusnya jgn kasar gitu dong ke si Krystal, dia kan udh minta maaf–
    btw, nice ff~

  2. belum baca comment dulu,,
    kenapa pake bhs.inggris ribet bcanya! *baca FF bhs.inggris aja ribet gmn ntar bca soal UAN* tapi sayakan pinter kayak MINHO *diTamparMINHO,,

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